Saturday, March 26, 2011


*Frequently Ask Questions*

1. Are these scam?? - The PTC's ive got above are paying constant. they are legit, elite and most trusted. there are thousands of PTC's you can find online but only trust those who are already tested. and Goodnews is, there is such PTC INVESTIGATION TEAM who investigate those frauds, scams, and review, rate those new PTC's. so, we, the clicker will land to the right one. fair enough?

2. What can i get from, when i join?? >> You just make yourself a huge favor, no need to quit your current job, no need to stop searching outdoor job. you'll earn yourself a penny just for 20 minutes of viewing advertisement daily.

3. are these one of those selling strategy?? - NO. DEFINITELY NOT. you are not going to sell anything here, nor pay anything.

4. what time do i need to log-in?? - you only need to view four to five ads daily. in my time (manila,philippines), i usually log-in 5pm when im not busy with my other job or 12midnight before i hit the bed.

5. who can join?? - worldwide, anyone can join but limited to, one IP address, one computer user, single internet connection. multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. once you register to a owned pc/laptop no one can use it/or your IP address but YOU. some other PTC, they only allow one household to join. BUT YOU CAN sign up to different PTC as much as you want using your own pc BUT never a multiple account in single PTC SITE.

6.DO THIS - log-in daily, view ads daily because you wont get any commissions from your referrals if you have'nt view any ads. DAILY!! try to visit forums of the PTC's you've joined, some of them had chatroom like neobux, so you'll get ideas from other viewer, and so you'll be aware what not and what about. its important to read their threads. read term of service also (TOS)

7. DONNOT DO THIS - experiment your own referral, do multiple accounts, use different IP's, im telling you it wont work from them. they'll find out, and when they do, they gonna terminate your account for life without notice and no way to retrieve your earnings. dont risk it.

8. WHAT IS RENT REFERRALS - rent referrals are those unknown referrals that is been sold and ready to click for you to earn commissions from every click they will do.You can have them if they are available to be rent by means of paying them. It is also depends to your account standing. If you are a standard member and you want to rent then may be will cost you $0.50 per referral and if you are upgraded member then may be will cost you less than $0.20 per referral.

9. WHAT DIRECT REFERRALS - Those are the member you referred directly to your account using your referral link. The more direct referrals, the more chances to eanr big.

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